Paula del Rivero

BIO: Paula del Rivero grew up in a family of engaged art collectors and nonprofessional artists who instilled her with their passion for contemporary art. From a young age, she got to know the work of the leading exponents of abstract expressionism and geometric abstraction. After obtaining a degree in Translation, her thirst for knowledge and her inclination to gather a variety of experiences led her to live in Ireland, Amsterdam, and New York. She pursued her studies and worked in diverse industries, such as programming and graphic design. Whilst looking for her true vocation, she discovered printmaking, studying under Spanish printmaker and sculptor Mar Prat, becoming her studio assistant. Her artistically inclined upbringing encouraged Paula to finally choose a career in the Arts, growing into a self-taught fine artist focusing on a variety of media. Her works range from printmaking and watercolors, to textile and back-lit wall sculptures, which she has exhibited at the Spanish Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Printmaking.

STATEMENT: As a self-taught artist, I’ve learned to explore my creativity in a variety of ways. My primary line of work is the translation into visual compositions of primitive archetypes, and how these help shape the collective unconscious. All of my processes are inspired by daily spiritual practices and commitment to self-discovery through awareness. My work is the result of an effort to comprehend the deeper meaning of our human existence and transcend the illusions of apparently chaotic and random manifestations of life. The freedom derived from mixing a wide variety of materials and techniques allows my research on human evolution to be deepened, developed and expressed. I share my creative process and the strong opinions that permeate my practice in a new series of weekly articles called ‘Notes on Art, Notes on Life’. In this series, I develop my understanding of how the creative process informs not only our work, but also, and most importantly, our views and opinions.