OTTN PRojects


Daniele Ariosio

What is a "Prevista"?

It is a hybrid between an exhibition and a preview, it is an intimate moment, a different way of sharing art, to follow new logics, in non-conventional environments.

"Anatomia del Vuoto" (Void's Anatomy) is the first "Previsa" which was born with the desire to move anyone who crosses the doors of this temporary space rented for the occasion.

Our relationship with artist Daniele Ariosio begun almost a year ago in Milan, followed by a study visit. Since then, a dozen have followed, and in all this time we never wondered what his artworks "meant".

For vicissitudes of life, Ariosio lives at the border between art, language, and literature and for this, he has learned to be wary of words. We want to support him in this and bring the viewer further off the idea that a work of art must necessarily mean something.Quoting the artist: “If everything was clear and rationally explainable there would not be the works that are born precisely because of the lack of light yet in search of logic."

The title "Anatomia del Vuoto" reminds of a medical operation, perhaps the one the artist performs in trying to crystallize an emotion and, at the same time, dissecting those few reflections from which something can be extrapolated.

The hosting space was chosen to resonate with the artist's inner world and its distorted visibility. The installation itself plays on the thin line which divides the penetrable being from the hermetic one.

We offer you an exhibition made of matter: black powder, mirrors, aluminum, cones, scraps, paint, plastic, wood, ropes. Yet an exhibition made of light, emptiness, and atmosphere that develops on several levels, indoors and outdoors.