Introducing Collecteurs Magazine & App

For the first iteration of Collecteurs Magazine, we chose the Japanese term “Shibui” as the concept, which means beautiful by being understated. Something that is direct and simple, without being flashy.

Collecteurs Magazine is the natural evolution of our highly- influential Instagram feed and our goal was to follow the same spirit. Staying true to that spirit meant that we would focus on the type of beauty that doesn’t need announcement; one whose quality speaks for itself and has the maturity, complexity, and history that only time can bring.

Just like our magazine, Collecteurs' App also looks very simple but, with daily use, it continues to unfold, creating new meanings over time. Collecteurs is a global network changing the way collectors collaborate, connect, and catalogue.

Collecteurs was founded to bring transparency to a world of secret dealings and high commissions. We are confident it will achieve what it was designed for and change the lives of collectors for the better. This is why we decided to make Collecteurs membership absolutely free for all members.

We do not parade Collecteurs. The form is simple and never complicated or contrived. Our focus is on the substance. Collecteurs stands for transparency and community.

We invite you to join Collecteurs to help bring about this much needed change.

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