Jovan Karlo Villalba

“I paint. I paint because I am interested in revealing how I experience the world around me. Because I am intrigued by how the world around me needs to be painted as much as experienced. Because, due to art the world is a delight to experience - and I will do my part. When I paint, I employ a process that combines mark-making with an additive and subtractive layering technique. This technique enables me to continuously cover and expose the underlying –reflective– stainless steel support until the desired balance of paint and steel surface is achieved. Balance within the work is determined by form and subject, and plays a crucial role as it allows the painted image to coalesce with the reflected light and motion. The result are images that appear to be in constant flux, navigating between a depicted and a “real” environment. For me, this effect and ultimate balance represents the delicate relationship that mankind has with nature. My hope is that the unique experience of viewing my –reflective– paintings brings to light commentary on present-day social and environmental issues, while revealing the ultimate grandeur and nobility of human resilience.”