Jennifer Morrison

“I was born in South Africa but have lived and worked in London for almost three decades. I studied both in South Africa and in London where I graduated from Central Saint Martins. I have exhibited in London and New York and have had solo shows in London, Durban and Johannesburg where I am represented by Graham Modern & Contemporary. I am represented in private and corporate collections in London, South Africa, United States, Australia and Singapore. My work explores the private and ineffable experience through the use of colour and movement and composition. This series of paintings is inspired by the oxymoron. Two contradictory terms which when brought together create a new meaning. The ostensible contradiction illustrates and expresses more than it confuses. The oxymoron is a juxtaposition. It can clash and jar and simultaneously open up a kind of poetry. These paintings are full of gesture and movement as if something is moving across the surface of the canvas. Something which has come from somewhere and leads to an unknown destination. There are forces at play in this series of paintings. Elemental forces which lie both within and without. A line of a branch speaks to me of struggles within me. A gnarled root, a tangled vine, the palest mist, can sum up what it is to be alive. Alive alongside death. Another eternal juxtaposition. I am interested in the way that these paintings are primarily concerned with the formal qualities of colour and arrangement and texture and yet allude to something experienced in the world.”