Interview with Carl-Edouard Keita

Your work predominantly depicts African subjects within cubism’s conventional deformalisation, and consequently, re-formalisation technics. What does cubism as a Western tradition offer you as an African artist, especially in the contemporary world and era?

People tend to associate African art to Cubism due to the shape line and deformation/reformation which I understand. But it can be associated to any traditional/native ancient art which is to me the rawest way to make art.

In my case, on the artistic level cubism was the most interesting way to represent my thoughts. I have always been obsessed by lines and angles as you can see in my work. So I would say cubism offer me a way to gravitate towards what we can a primitivist approach of art.

You have a bachelors degree in Economics, do you think this particular background gives your art another perspective?

Yes it gives me a better understanding of the business side of art. It's a market you have to know how it works.

Carl-Edouard Keita/A L I V E // D E A T H , THE BEAUTIFUL CYCLE, 2018

Carl-Edouard Keita/A L I V E // D E A T H , THE BEAUTIFUL CYCLE, 2018

Either social, political or individual and intimate, what kind of tool is art for you? What’s its purpose for you if we should admit that art has some purposes? 

I would say art can be everything you want it to be. I tend to not explain most of my pieces to avoid to alter how the viewer see it. Due to their experience they can view a piece as a political statement, intimate piece or whatever. I just want to my art to be a trigger of individual emotions.

What do you think about today's art world? What does an ideal art world look like to you?

As any market, the art world is imperfect. We can sure won't reach perfection but we have to try to find solution to all those issues either they are political , social, economics. So to be honest I don't know if I can think about an idealistic art world.

How does New York treat you as an artist? Do you think it is still the right or best place for a contemporary artist in the global village?

To be honest New York is a jungle and if you succeed here you can succeed anywhere. That's  why I decided to come here

You have everything to succeed on the different levels of the art spectrum. Artists , galleries, museums, collectors... there is a space for anyone which is really exciting.

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