Interview with Arslan Sukan

Can you tell us how the convergence of interior architecture and photography inspires you?

I’m very much interested in concepts of time and space that creates illusion due to limitations of our perceptions. Architecture and photography is perfect mediums to present these concepts.

What part does technology play in your creative process?

I would say I sometimes use technology to make my works but just for speeding up the process of making the work. Technology does not become the main figure in my works.

How does an artist manipulate reality? Do you find yourself challenging the truth or reinforcing it?

I believe there is no such thing as ‘reality’, I believe there is ’illusion’ that is accepted as reality. I’m interested in creating what is the other possibilities other than accepted ‘realities’.

What do you think about today's art world? What does an ideal art world look like to you?

Today’s art world is very cornered and has boundaries. An ideal one would be more open and not based on specific regions and specific players of the art world.

You’re an artist who is based in New York and Istanbul. What are some of the challenges you face in these art environments? What are the similarities/differences?

They are both big cities, has lots of similarities as well as differences, both offers a lot of inspiration however NY gives more importance and value to art and artists than Istanbul gives.

Arslan Sukan/Now-Here to Now-Here

Arslan Sukan/Now-Here to Now-Here

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