Givan Lötz

Landscape as Mindstate: 

My current artistic interests reference places of emotional resonance, reading a landscape to trace visual impressions. I am searching for enchantment in natural terrain. My aim has been to establish a personal visual shorthand—a painterly proficiency borne from tacit learning—enabling a gestural efficiency that echoes my internal logic. This approach abandons the idea of a supposedly realist picturesque depiction of the world, celebrating instead the indeterminate nature of a place filtered by the imperfect mind. Form and content are one in the way that paint naturally, fractally, echoes organic forms, the innate cycles of growth and decay. With my work I hope to trace a connection with the land itself through its hidden narratives of displacement and loss—a solace in the regenerative cycles of nature—binding outer place (landscape) and inner world (mindstate).


Givan Lötz (1982) is a visual artist and musician living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa. He holds an honours degree in Information Design from the University of Pretoria. In addition to five published albums, numerous exhibitions, and talks, Lötz has been included in the South African ABSA L’Atelier Top 100 young artists in 2012, 2013 and 2014 as well as Design Days Dubai (2014 & 2015) with artist residencies as far a field as Finland (2017) and upstate New York (2018). Memory Exposure (2018) is Lötz’ first solo exhibition with a commercial gallery.