Limited Edition Blockchain Print + Blockchain Digital Artwork by world-renowned artists Broomberg & Chanarin. The works, both titled Spirit is a Bone, 2019 depict the face of a Russian citizen, Yekaterina Samutsevich, a member of the Russian feminist collective Pussy Riot, which was created using facial recognition technology.

Print edition:
Signed and numbered
Edition of 500
Blockchain technology by Verisart
Size: 16x20 in
BWill be shipped in July 2019.

Editions 1-200 will be sold for $100
Editions 201-400 will be sold for $125
Editions 401-500 will be sold for $150

Digital Blockchain edition:
Delivered in October 2019
Edition of 500
Once sold out, the blockchain-enforced minimum resale price for the digital works will be $50, with a percentage of profits going back to the artist from each resale. 

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