Amelia Fulton

“I am a 24 year old Australian visual artist who has recently moved to the UK to live and work. I predominantly use ink on paper focusing on two techniques: pointillism (dot-work) and line-art/water colour. My subject matter is typically flora and fauna as I grew up in rural New South Wales on a property at the foot of the Blue Mountains and was surrounded by the diverse natural beauty of the Australian outback every day. Through pointillism, I try to explore the intricacies of the natural world, focusing on the minute details that seem almost impossibly perfect and forcing audiences to notice the infinite ways the natural world can astound. My dot-work pieces Spoonwing Antlion and Western Bearded Anole have both been nominated as finalists in visual art prizes in Australia (The Lyn McCrea Memorial Prize and the Marie Ellis Drawing Prize respectively). Being dot-work, my pieces often taken tens of hours, my anole in fact took 91 hours and a whopping 1.6 million dots to complete. My next piece, though not yet complete, is set to take over 300 hours and an estimated 7 million dots (but it’s a surprise!). Recently, I’ve been exploring digital art and how it has truly exploded in the intersectional and feminist movements, developing my own style and voice in this digital activism realm. I believe, through art and open conversation, we can change the world one small sentiment at a time and hope to add my contribution to the world’s artistic platform in any way I can.”